Personal training vs. Gym membership. Which is better?

Which is more beneficial? A gym membership or a personal trainer? The answer depends on your personal needs. So before you

Head trainer Sharon Hubbard

Head trainer Sharon Hubbard

make a decision on which option would be best for you why don’t you read on and ask yourself some of the important questions that I have listed. Some people wonder what option they should choose. The first question you should ask yourself is what are you looking for? Are you looking for a place to get your daily workout in, a place to come and meet some friends, or are you looking to drop a few pounds? The second question you should ask yourself are you self motivated or do you need someone to keep you accountable? After asking yourself these questions read on to discover which option is best for your personal needs.


Personal Training

One of the biggest benefits of personal training is accountability. When you purchase personal training sessions you will be accountable to a person and not a gym. Even on days when you just don’t feel like coming in you will come in because you will feel more accountable because another person is waiting on you. Even if you cannot afford personal training and decide to go with group training you will still be accountable to the group that you come in and train with. Not only will you be accountable for exercise but your personal trainer will keep you accountable for your diet and nutrition as well.

Another benefit of personal training is motivation. If you are having one of those days where you just can’t seem to push yourself your personal trainer will be able to help you complete your workout successfully. Same with group boot camps. Working out in a group is proven to provide more intense workouts simply because you are training with other people.
Finally, when you get personal training you will actually learn how to use equipment and be able to take the knowledge you learn and create your own at home workouts with minimal equipment.

The best part about having a personal trainer is getting the knowledge that builds self confidence to know you can in fact learn how to workout properly with correct form. That way next time you will be able to show someone the correct form and the proper way to build muscle, lose weight, and avoid injuries.

The only real con of personal training is the added cost. Personal training initially seems very expensive, but if you take into consideration what you are gaining from actually going to the gym it may be worth it for you. If you needed added motivation and accountability, or if you just want to learn how to workout a personal trainer might be right for you.

Gym Membership

One of the biggest benefits of getting a gym membership is that it seems to be cost effective. Compared to personal training getting a gym membership seems like a deal. There is also a larger variety of machines and equipment so if you know how to use them you will be able to switch up your workout often.

Another benefit of a gym membership is convenience. Most gyms are usually open later and have more hours available for you to come and get your workout in. If you want to workout at 3am some gyms give you that opportunity. If you like the option of being able to get in and get out at a good price and you are self motivated the gym MIGHT be a good option for you. But hold on what are some of the problems with getting a gym membership?

Some problems that occur when getting a gym membership is that there is no accountability. If for some reason you don’t feel like going to the gym you just won’t. It will start with one day and end up being half a year later when your realize you only went to the gym a handful of times. Since the gym is so convenient you just figure that you will go to the gym later when really you just never end up going.

Another problem with getting a gym membership is that when you do go it is usually crowded. Since most people go to gyms during “peak hours” you might not be able to get on the piece of equipment you need. In fact you may end up spending more time waiting then actually working out. Even if the gym isn’t crowded how many times have you hopped onto a piece of equipment and not know how to use it? There are so many machines there that you honestly have no idea how to structure your workout. You often wish someone would give you a sample workout so you can get in and out and get a great workout. But most times you don’t get a great workout because when you go to the gym there is no accountability. Sure you may say hi to a couple of people, but no one keeps you accountable to make sure that you are going at the right intensity for the right amount of time. You might stay at the gym for 2 hours and not even get a good workout.

The last problem with getting a gym membership is that there are a lot of people looking at you. You want to feel confident and get your sweat on but you are just so self conscious. So if you think that you need accountability, motivation, and you would like to actually go to the gym with a purpose you might want to consider getting personal training or group training.