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Biggest Loser Award Winner

Our very first award winner comes from the Forest Park location. She has only just started with Mission Body Possible, and yet she has been very successful.

Dorothy came to us in the beginning of October 2014 looking to lose weight and stay healthy. She is an occupational therapist and works long hours helping other people. This time she decided to set aside time to become a healthier version of herself. She dedicated two sessions a week with our trainer, Sandra Hubbard, to get guidance as well as dedicating herself to a gym on other days of the week when she was not working with Sandra. More importantly, Dorothy downloaded an app to her phone called, Noom Coach in which she logged in her diet daily.

Week after week Dorothy kept shedding pounds. Some weeks she may have been frustrated in a lack of weight loss or a fall back into her old diet habits. However, Dorothy never quit and is still working hard towards her ultimate goal. Only three months later we have decided to choose Dorothy to receive our, BIGGEST LOSER award, an award given to the client who has lost the largest percent of their body weight in comparison to their original weight.

Dorothy, our newest client has received that award because in three months she has lost over 10% of her total body weight becoming our newest and most successful client so far.

As trainers we are really excited to see the success that the New Year will bring for Dorothy, and we are happy to be a part of Dorothy’s transformation.

Thank you for being a great example of determination and strength Dorothy! And Congratulations!

And Thank you Sandra for being a great coach and motivator.

Author: Sharon