This month the Best Attitude Award goes to the Tuesday evening Small group training class.
All of the participants, Kristi, Alana, and An Soon always come with a smile on their faces and are always willing to try something new.

Kristi, works in the local school district and after school she sometimes works with the students in the school garden teaching them how to grow their own vegetables and eat more healthily. She is also an ultra marathoner and most recently achieved a 3rd place finish in the local 5k turkey trot.february award winners

Alana tutors students in the area and helps them to achieve higher grades and teaches them study habits to help them achieve higher test scores. She also volunteers in many areas in the local community whether it be the nursing homes, or being a part of supervising kids in gymnasiums so that they have a place to play sports such as basketball or volleyball. Some physical accomplishments of hers include walking around the actual Lake Geneva which is 26+ miles.

An Soon works as an interpreter in Chicago area hospitals. She helps those who cannot speak English very well translate their needs to doctors and nurses. She also heads the Southwest Suburban PADS homeless shelter. Her physical accomplishments also include trekking around Lake Geneva which is 26+ miles.

These women always make it easy for me to train them because they are always in such an upbeat mood that it makes it fun for everyone. They are an example for others that working out can be fun and does not have to be something that you dread doing everyday.

Thank you ladies for always having such a good attitude and congratulations for being our February award winners!

Author: Sharon