Are You Tired of Feeling Like Your Body Can Be Better?

Most of Our Clients Find The Happiness They Have Been Looking for in Just 8 Weeks!

But there is more to the story….

Let’s be honest, you didn’t get where you are overnight, with that said, true fitness success takes time and hard work in and out of the gym. But you already know this…. but did you know the 5 common things ALL people do that steal their joy daily? Let me come back to that later….

True Content in One’s Self Happens in Your Mind…
There are so many pieces to happiness but in most cases, it starts with your body. Would it be fair to say we all want to feel accepted on a physical basis by someone? Maybe the opposite sex, maybe your husband or wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or maybe you just want to feel proud to walk into a room, either way, we still want to be accepted.
It’s basic human nature, being accepted. So when we feel like we aren’t accepted or better put, desired, we feel low, unconfident maybe even like we don’t matter and this is a horrible feeling. On every level, whether it is to tone up, lose weight, get stronger, we are all trying to get accepted somehow.

The Same Ol’ Same Ol’
Day after day we do the same things, we get up, we eat food that is convenient but not healthy, we rush off to work, we feel tired after just a few hours, we wait for lunch, eat and not less than 45 minutes later we are ready to pass out with our head on the desk. Say you’re a stay-at-home parent, you race to feed the kids, you rush them to school and you grab something for yourself on the way home which is most likely not good for your midsection. Sound somewhat familiar?
We Pinch Ourselves, But We Are Wide Awake!
Every day we look in the mirror, every day we say something is going to change but the truth is, tomorrow will be just like yesterday and that couple inches you pinched, well that isn’t going to change either. So what makes today different?

Google Searched Personal Trainer or Fitness Boot camp and here you are…
So you took the first step, you admitted you need help and jumped online to look for a guaranteed solution to your problem. You know that hiring a personal trainer or joining a fitness class you will get the help you need. You know that going to the gym is a waste since you don’t really know what works for your body type or what exercise will give you the results you desire. Let me introduce Mission Body Possible, created by Mrs. Sharon Lombardi, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and lifelong athlete.

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So what makes Mission Body Possible different than the other personal training facilities? To be honest, there are plenty of great personal trainers out there which all have one thing in common, they truly care about their clients. They understand what their client is feeling and know what they need to get them feeling confident.
You might bes asking, will be results be different since my body is different?
The fundamentals are the same but to be honest, Yes your results will be different, but let me explain why a little later.

5 common things people do daily that steal their joy
1) They set unreasonable expectations for themselves.
2) They make poor excuses that even they don’t believe.
3) They don’t believe their life can change for the better.
4) They believed something someone once said.
5) They don’t own their life.

How can personal fitness help?
Let’s face it, life gets rough and the last thing you need is to go somewhere that makes you feel worse. Work, home, family, and friends can be tough to deal with so you need a friendly place to go, a place where you matter and a place that leads you to your goals. So this still doesn’t answer how fitness training can help you feel better about you and your life.

The Joy Factor…
Walking into Mission Body Possible gives you the sense of accomplishment since getting there is the hardest part. See some people make comments about going to see a personal trainer, but those are usually the people who are sitting on the couch and doing nothing. You are different, you made the choice to take ahold of your life and invest into your future. Are you believing in yourself yet?


Did you know our bodies create endorphins when we exercise? Endorphins are a chemical byproduct that directly affects our mood by raising dopamine levels in our brain. It’s like a happy chemical for a lack of better words, or simply like a physiological reward for doing what your body was made to do, work. When you walk into a place which is welcoming and safe, you get a chance to invest into your future and get the encouragement you need. The winning formula!

The paradigm shift…
Mind, Body, and Soul but in the case of personal fitness, Body, Mind and then Soul. You have done it, you have made today different than yesterday and now your tomorrow will be much different. You will have a sense of accomplishment, you decided not believe what someone said and you definitely love yourself enough because you are worth it, you are special.
But all that is a thought right now, nothing more, nothing less.
Take Action!

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We respect your email privacy

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that maybe you are not ready and need to get into shape first. So my question is, how do you get ready and why haven’t you done that? And one more, isn’t that what a personal trainer should do? The truth is, you are ready, our staff works with all fitness levels, not just athletes. Actually, 65% of our clients are people who have desk jobs and have never played a sport since high school or never even played a sport. They’re people just like you, people who want to make a difference in their life. They’re tired of feeling crappy, unwanted and want to feel like they can look at themselves in the mirror.
Right now you have the opportunity, it’s never too late. But you can be like a lot of people who get all pumped up and when it is time to pull the trigger they make another excuse to justify their action, or should I say, lack of action. You can be one of those people how let life pass day after day until one day you are just too old and you are most likely bitter because when you had the chance to make a difference you didn’t.
Sadly this is how people fail…
You can choose who you are, you can choose to make a difference or you can keep doing what you are doing and let precious time slip away. You can continue to feel the way you do and never reward yourself what is rightfully yours, happiness. We see it a lot, but we also people who step outside their comfort zone, we see them put trust in our trainers and miracles happen.
Let’s talk turkey!
I’m sure you have come to the conclusion that we know how to help you achieve your goals and that we have created a positive environment that is safe for you but you want to know HOW MUCH. In order to answer this question we must ask the right question…. how much is my happiness worth? Let’s take this a step further, how much money have you invested into things that only gave you momentary happiness, how much have you spent on things you didn’t need only to impress someone who really doesn’t care about you?
But since we are in the real world, let’s make this easy by accepting 2 free personal training sessions or 2 weeks of fitness classes. This way you can see what your happiness is worth without spending a single penny.

Take Advantage of This Offer

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You might say, what happens if I want to think about it first. Our answer is simple, that is perfectly okay and understandable but this offer isn’t going to last. We have limited time slots and our fitness class is growing daily. So to be honest, we might fill up by that the time you are done thinking. So make that decision today, you came this far, why not step out of your way and give yourself what you really want, the body that you want.
I understand but I still want to take a rain check…
No problem, just come back when you are ready and we will be more than happy to add you to our waiting list. If a slot opens up we will call you immediately if you are the next person on the list.

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