20150411_200211 (1)A-Game Award– The A- Game award is given to the person who consistently gives it their all during workouts.

The A- Game award is an award given to the person who consistently gives it their all during their workouts.

For the month of May our award winner is Tina. She works hard at her job serving the community and she works hard when she comes to her training sessions. When she first came to me she lost about 25 lbs by her self, and in the course of three to four months she lost an additional 15 lbs.  From the start I could tell she was going to be successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There is no workout I ever gave her that she has complained about. When the workouts were hard instead of giving up she simply pushes harder. Even when I test her strength and endurance she always passes in flying colors.

Tina is a very upbeat person who enjoys learning new things. Some of her hobbies including riding her motorcycle or taking a step dancing class.

Tina makes it easy to be a trainer because she always follows through on what I ask her to do and is always honest about how she is eating and what she is doing.

I’ve been training Tina for almost two years now, and she definitely deserving of this award.


Author: Sharon Lombardi

Hi! My name is Sharon Lombardi, and I have been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2012, and the owner of Mission Body Possible since 2013. I have always been an active individual, participating in both high school and college athletics. Even as an adult I try my best to stay moving, and I always enjoy learning new things. What I enjoy most about being a personal trainer is that you get to help people in their first step to better themselves. You get the honor of accompanying them along a new journey in their lives. I share in the ups and downs, and in the end I get to participate in the success that my clients have in changing their lives for the better.