I have been a personal trainer for awhile now, and if i try to remember how long for some reason I can’t, but it’s been something like 5 years.
In this time I wish I could apply what I know now to my former clients. My clients in the beginning who trusted me when I barely knew anything about training besides how to do a workout, and how to eat right.
When I say this you might think, ” Hey, if you know how to workout and eat right I would love to hire you as a trainer.”
Sorry to say it, but you are wrong. It is only time and experience that taught me none of this will ever change your body to the way you want it.


What I know now is unless I can train you to change your mindset I will NEVER be successful in helping you.
How can I do that you ask? It’s not an easy task, but it is a doable one.
The first step I will take is I will mentally screen you. When you come into my gym I will talk to you and I will make the decision if you are ready for change or not. The problem with most 
people is they want change so bad (or at least they think they do, but in reality they are comfortable being comfortable).
So when you call me or come to me I will decide if you are ready. It may seem a little rough, or a little mean that I won’t take every client that walks through the door, but really it is taking away from someone out there who is serious about changing themselves.
What do I look for you ask?
The first and easiest thing I look for is I try and see if you are looking for a quick fix, or a real lifestyle change.
People looking for a quick fix have high expectations and although it seems like they are working hard, they are really looking for an easy way out.
Quick fix type people want to dive in to doing workouts 5 days a week when they haven’t worked out in years.
These type of people think if they start working out everyday for the next coupl
e months that they will get the results they want.
And it is tricky because it really looks like these people are dedicated and that they want to change their bodies, They ARE working hard and dedicated. And before you say anything just stop for a moment and think about it. Has this ever been you?
It’s EASY to stay dedicated and workout 5 days a week for a little while. Maybe you will be able to do it for a couple of months. But after that you are simply burnt out. You worked your butt off for several months and then you simply quit because jumping into something like that is really setting yourself up for failure. Many people will disagree, but it is true and I have seen it time and time again.
Motivated people get start off with good intentions and go into their fitness program hard. After a couple of months they burn out and they don’t want to come back again.
The reason this happens is because the mentality i
s not set that fitness is something that will be a whole lifestyle change for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
People who realize this understand that to create habits takes time. Little choices matter, not just your choice to go to the gym or not.
I look for people who are willing to be COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE.
For example, a the past couple of days have been bitterly cold. For anyone who made a New Years resolution to workout an easy excuse could be it’s too cold outside. Well guess what? An excuse is an excuse. There are 2 types of people. People who will make excuse and people who will find a way to do what they said they were going to do NO MATTER WHAT.
Sure it sounds tough, but guess what? I saw a 65-70 year old man running the other day and it was -6 out. He didn’t have an excuse. He was out there on New Years Day doing what he said he was going to do no matter what.
If you want something, prove to yourself that you want it. Don’t make excuses. Find a way to keep your promise to yourself. As a trainer, I can help guide 
you, I can show you the steps you need to take, but I can NEVER EVER take those steps for you, and there is NO EASY way to change your life!
Don’t believe the hype about some juice or pill, or easy fix. There is none. Don’t think suddenly working out 5 days a week will get you the body you want. It’s just a FAD you are going through. Little by little you have to change your mindset and realize that everyday the choices you make will either get you closer or further towards your goal!

Author: Sharon Lombardi

Hi! My name is Sharon Lombardi, and I have been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2012, and the owner of Mission Body Possible since 2013. I have always been an active individual, participating in both high school and college athletics. Even as an adult I try my best to stay moving, and I always enjoy learning new things. What I enjoy most about being a personal trainer is that you get to help people in their first step to better themselves. You get the honor of accompanying them along a new journey in their lives. I share in the ups and downs, and in the end I get to participate in the success that my clients have in changing their lives for the better.