Chicago Ridge / Worth Personal Trainer

There are a lot of people who go to the gym day by day, doing the same routine. For some, it won’t be long before things will get boring, having the same routine and no result to show for.

There also instances that people go to the gym, walk around and not knowing what to do next. Also, it can be embarrassing figuring out what to do next. Sometimes, you may be doing something, but you truly do not know if you’re doing it right.
If any of the scenarios mentioned above sound like you, then maybe it’s time for a personal trainer located in your area of Chicago Ridge or Worth.

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With us, the personal training programs are added to your workout routine. Our program enables you to work with a  Worth personal trainer so you can reach your goals.

If you have a dream body in your mind, a personal trainer will personally design a workable plan to achieve your dreams. There also other advantages such as learning proper technique and learning how to properly train the body for optimal results with the least time invested. Our Chicago Ridge fitness professionals will gladly assist you personally and give you a monthly progress report.

Our program is all about you. This means our Chicago Ridge personal trainer will talk to you about individual goal planning, fitness evaluation, monthly program checks, nutrition consultation and workout plans.

Our Worth personal trainers would listen to you as an individual and will suggest a personally formulated program that will fit your goals. Most importantly, our trainers will not only help you with workout routines, but they will keep you accountable.

If you’re one of those people that are sick of constantly going to the gym with no results, then it’s a good time to consider personal training and let our professional trainers help guide you achieve that dream body in your head.
Personal training sessions are only available through appointment only.

Personal Training Packages

Individual session cost $50.
You can avail our 30-day Quick Start package that comes with a 10% discount. If you commit for 30 days, you will get a 10% off the price.
The package includes accountability calls, two progress checks, fitness plans, free nutrition consultation and fitness evaluation.

We also have a 60-day Result Package deal that comes with a 15% discount. If you sign up for a 60-day commitment, then you can automatically avail a 15% discount from the monthly price.

The package includes accountability calls, four progress checks, home fitness plan, free nutrition consultation, free fitness evaluation and once a week personal trainer.


Finally, we have a 90-day commitment package deal that comes with a 20% discount. If you sign up for a 90-day commitment, then you will get a 20% off of the monthly price.

The package includes accountability calls, six progress checks, fitness consultation, free nutrition consultation, free fitness evaluation and once a week personal trainer session.

We also have a Freestyle Fitness package.

15 sessions come with 10% discount. This equates to $45 per session, saving you $75.
30 sessions confident of 10% discount. This equates to $42 per session saving you a total of $250.
50 sessions come with a 20% discount. This equates to $40 per session, saving you $500 in total.
The packages include individualized fitness plans, monthly progress checks, free nutrition consultation and free fitness evaluation.

Early Bird special – are you an early riser? With this deal, you’ll get 15% off for every five session purchase. You must be present at 9 AM or earlier.

Lunchtime special – do you have a spare workout time during lunch break? With this deal, you will get a 15% discount for every five session purchase. You must be present at noon to 2 PM.

Half-hour Body Blasts – for $25, we have half-hour sessions. If you bring a buddy, it’s just 10 dollars more.

Group Training – for groups of people less than 20, sign-ups is available for $150 that includes unlimited monthly sessions.


Group training

Group training program is ideal for people who like to work out in a community group setting and group accountability, as well as for people who desire to work out but have limited time.
Among the primary goals of the group training is providing a setting that is conducive for fun and fast environment, ideal for anyone who wants to have fun while working out. The workout format is at “go out your own pace”, but there is a trainer who will encourage each individual to do his or her very best. The trainer will design an ideal 30-minute training session and will model correct technique and form for every exercise.

Another advantage, since the group is less than 20 in size, the trainer will have enough time to give individual attention to make sure the technique and form is correct. With group training, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having the encouragement of the group and the guidance of a trainer.

We understand that everybody is not the same that is why our group training sessions encourages everyone to go at their individual pace. Furthermore, with group training, you’ll be able to test your limits without being too far from your comfort level. 

Mission Body Possible offers everyone to try his or her first group session for free. However, it is required to set an appointment as classes fill up fast.

If you’re a woman and looking for other women who are striving for the same results, a group training session may be what you need to set you in the right direction.

Bring A Buddy!

Study shows that working out with a partner will often lead to longer lasting and better result. So why not bring a training buddy with you?

Mission Body Possible offers price reduction for anyone who brings a training buddy with them.

With this offer, you and your training buddy will not pay full price for a personal training session! What you will get is the accountability of your buddy and your trainer, but at a reduced price.

Buddy training is priced at $30 per hour for each person. You and your buddy will still be able to receive nutritional guidance and personal attention. Furthermore, all of the inclusions found in personal training packages are also found in buddy packages.

By committing a buddy with you, you will all get the added benefits that come from a personal trainer at a cheaper price!