Personal Trainer Manhattan| Fitness Classes

Personal Trainer Manhattan|Fitness classes

Looking for a personal trainer in Manhattan, or small group fitness classes to get your morning started?

Personal trainer in Manhattan

The Round Barn in Manhattan IL.

Once you make the decision to get back into shape, you will face TWO hurdles which are; getting into a regular exercise routine, and changing your eating habits.

Let’s talk about the first hurdle

The first hurdle, and to many the hardest to overcome is getting into a regular exercise routine. The first step in getting back into a regular exercise routine is to decide whether you will be going to a gym, or if you will be trying to do the workouts by yourself at home.

A lot of  people will decide to go to a gym because they do not have the space, or the equipment they need in order to workout successfully at home. Even if they have these things many people find it  extremely distracting and eventually decide that they will have better results if they go to a gym.

Sadly once you make this decision your problems aren’t over

When you finally set aside the time and money for the gym once you get there often times you are completely clueless on what to do.

Even if you have a plan the gym can get too crowded; and you end up spending more time waiting to use the equipment than actually working out. This can be frustrating.

STOP wasting your time and money

Hi! My name is Sharon Lombardi of Manhattan Illinois, and the reason I enjoy teaching both personal training and small group fitness classes is because I HATE the stress of the gym. Going to the gym is supposed to relieve stress, but instead it adds more.

I enjoy creating fun, fast, and fabulous workouts that are anything but boring.

Our personal training program offers an individualized  training plan tailored specifically for you.Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply just tone up we have the right program for you. We offer personal training in our gym as well as an at-home-training program where we come to you.

To learn more about our personal training program click here.

To learn more about our in-home-training program click here.

Personal training Manhattan

Are you ready to transform your body with your new Manhattan Personal Trainer?

We also offer small group fitness classes. These classes are designed for those who are comfortable training with others in a FUN, FAST, and FABULOUS environment.

Our small group fitness classes use high intensity interval training, or (HIIT).  This is great for individuals who enjoy the motivation of a group and would like the accountability of a personal trainer, but do not wish to pay the personal training price.

If you would like to learn more  about our small group fitness classes please click here for more information.