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Personal Training and Group Training 

For us regular gym-goers, we spend our time doing pretty much the same workout and exercise routines on a daily basis. While the results may or may not be satisfying, it is safe to say that this everyday routine starts to get boring after a while. 
Some of us visit the gym with barely any knowledge of what we need to be doing and just end up walking around, admiring the equipment. What’s even worse is when you attempt to use the equipment or try a particular exercise, but do not know the correct way of doing so.

Private fitness training

Private or small group personal training

This can be quite embarrassing. 

So, what will it take to exercise efficiently and really get the results you desire? Some guidance, of course! And who better to guide you than a personal trainer? Mission Body Possible trains people from many different locations including Oak Lawn.
With our personal training program, we make sure your workout is tailored to your specifics needs.  Our personal trainers will work one on one with you, ensuring that you achieve the most satisfactory results.

Your Oak Lawn personal trainer will conceive a workout routine to help you get into shape and achieve that body you’ve been dreaming of, in the most efficient, safe and even quickest way possible. Once you start working with a personal trainer, you will see the importance of using proper techniques and setting up a more efficient workout routine. A professional will not only tailor the routine to give you better results, but also keep a close check on your progress.  It’s all about the individual with our personal training program; from fitness evaluation, individual-oriented workout routines and monthly progress checks, to diet and nutrition needs and goal planning; we’ve got every individual’s needs covered.

Our fitness professionals are always open to questions so you needn’t be afraid to ask those burning questions you’ve wanted answers to for so long. They will keep you in the loop so that you are aware of what you are doing and the changes taking place in your body shape.   You no longer need to face the frustration of not getting the right workout in or seeing very little, unsatisfactory changes in your body; personal training at our program is just what you need to achieve that healthy, dream body. 

For those of you living in Oak Lawn, Palos Heights, Worth and Chicago Ridge, one-on-one Personal Training is just an appointment away!

Personal Training Packages

Individual sessions – $50 per session

1 month quick start package (we offer a 10% discount for a 30-day commitment)It includes fitness evaluation and nutrition consultation free, a one on one personal session once a week, two progress checks, personal fitness workout routine to perform at home and accountability calls. 

60-day results package (15% off on monthly fee with a 60-day commitment)It includes fitness evaluation and nutrition consultation free, a one on one personal session once a week, four progress checks, at home workout routines and accountability calls.

90-day package deal (get 20% off on your monthly fee with a 90-day commitment package deal) It includes fitness evaluation and nutrition consultation free, a one on one personal session once a week, six progress checks, at home workout routines and accountability calls.

You may also be interested in our free style packages:
10% off for 15 sessions = $45 per session. $75 savings 
15% off for 30 sessions = $42 per session. $250 savings
20% off for 50 sessions = $40 per session. $500 savings

Each of our free style packages includes free nutrition consultation and fitness evaluation, individual workout plans and monthly progress checks. Personal training

  • The Early Bird Special – We offer 15% off on every paid 5 sessions* before 9am*
  • The Lunchtime Special – You can avail 15% off on every paid 5 sessions if you skip your lunch break to workout. **This offer is valid between 12pm-2pm**
  • Half hour body workouts – For $25 you can come workout with us for a half hour session. **For $10 more, you can bring a guest to exercise with you!**
  • Group Training – For $150 you can avail unlimited monthly sessions with groups (20 group members maximum)

Learn a little more about our Group Training Program:
Many individuals prefer to workout in groups because they don’t have time for one on one sessions and work better in this atmosphere as it takes a little of the pressure off. 
Our group training program keeps the work atmosphere light, yet the routine quick, to ensure that you have fun while getting in a good workout session. The trainer does not work you hard, but rather tries to challenge and encourage you to do better and reach your full potential. This allows you to work at a speed you are most comfortable with. For a full 30 minutes, the group trainer will provide various exercises for a really good workout, demonstrating the correct technique for each of them. 

We do not allow more than 20 members per group so that our trainer can give each member a little individual attention as well, just to ensure you’ve got the form and technique down perfect. Group training is great because you have a more relaxed and fun atmosphere to workout in, under the guidance of a trained professional. 
The reason we do not push the group too hard is because we know the importance of allowing each individual to work at their own pace. Each individual’s body differs from the rest, as well as their fitness and stamina levels. Therefore, group training allows you to work yourself as much as you choose to, with the guidance of a trainer. 

We offer a free first group training session with our Mission Body Possible program. Do make sure to call for an appointment,  as this popular program fills up quickly.  Have a friend join you!

It’s been proven that having a workout buddy yields better results for individuals, so ask an interested friend to come train with you.   You will get a discount on your fee for the Oak Lawn Mission Body Possible program if you bring a workout partner along. 

This enables you or your buddy to avail discounts on any personal training sessions! So for a very tempting discounted price, you get the accountability of a trained professional and your workout partner. For $30 an hour per buddy, you will also be provided with diet and nutrition guidance and personal one on one time. Buddy packages have all the benefits included in our Personal Training Packages. So you get all those great benefits at a much lower rate by just bringing a workout buddy along!

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