Personal and Small Group Training

Personal Training and Small Group Training

One on One personal training

All different types of people come to me; from avid gym goers to people who have only stepped inside a fitness facility a handful of times. No matter where people come from I hear the same complaints over and over.

” I go  to the gym trying to get a good workout, but  I just end up walking around without knowing what to do or             how to really do it.”


” I’ve been going to the gym, but I get self conscious when people look at me, I feel like I am being stared at.”

Often  times we go to the gym not really understanding how to put together a workout routine and we drain ourselves with the same old routine day in and day out. Our results are stagnant and we worry about the people we see at the gym staring at us. It would really be nice to have a private environment to workout in where we get results and have fun.

After a long day at work, or a long day with the kids getting your workout in just seems like another chore. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone else to do the thinking for you? Wouldn’t it be even better if that person created a program for you that was not just effective but fun as well?

Persona training fitnessIf you are looking for guidance and results it might be time to consider a personal trainer.

Our personal training program adds a personal touch to your workout routine.  This program allows you to work one on one with a personal trainer to reach your individual goals.

The trainer will help you set up a plan to allow you to reach your dream of having the body you’ve always wanted. You will learn proper technique and get optimal results. Our fitness professionals will individually asses you and give you monthly progress checks.

This program focuses on YOU, and you will receive individually specific workout plans, nutrition consultation, monthly progress checks, fitness evaluation,  and goal planning.

Our personal trainers will provide you with a program that is best suited for your fitness goals and interests. Our trainers will get you to your goals, and help to keep you accountable.

If you are tired of feeling stuck and you can’t seem to get the results you want consider one on one Personal Training where our trainers will guide you on the road to a successful body!

Personal Training Sessions are by appointment only!

$50 per each individual session

Includes:  Personal Training, Free fitness evaluation, Free nutrition consultation, At home fitness plan, and monthly progress checks.

Small Group Training

Our small group training program is offered for those people who enjoy the accountability and community of a group setting as well as those who want to work out but do not have much time.

The focus of small group training is to provide a fast and fun environment for those determined to get an amazing  workout while having fun. The workouts are at a go at your own pace format where the trainer will encourage each individual to do the best of his or her ability. The trainer develops an effective 30 minute training session and will model correct form and technique for every exercise.

The small group classes will often follow a HIIT format or (High Intensity Interval Training)

This means that there will be brief periods of work followed by rest. Workouts that follow this type of formatting are known and proven to get optimal results.

For many of us the last thing we want is to spend 2 hours working out to get the body we desire. With HIIT you don’t have to!

HIIT is designed for busy people who only have 20- 45 minutes to get some exercise in.

Not only are our classes designed for busy people, but we also design them for individual attention.

Our small group training environment does not have more than 15 individuals. This ensures that you will get some individual attention as well as group motivation. You will be in a group small enough to learn correct form and technique.

Our  small group training class encourages you to go at your own pace because we understand that every body is different and every fitness level is different. By training in a group you get to test your limit while being comfortable taking it at YOUR pace and no one else.

Mission Body Possible offers your first small group training session free! But call to schedule an appointment because classes fill fast.

If you are looking for other women like you who are looking to achieve results, a group training class might be just what you need to get you on the right path.


Bring A Buddy!

Do you want to workout but you don’t want to do it on your own, but you also don’t want to be in a group training class?

Mission Body Possible offers discounts for our personal training sessions for those who wish to have a friend join them in their transformation story.

At Mission Body Possible we use science and studies PROVE that working out with a partner helps you achieve better and longer lasting results. So why not train with a buddy?

Mission Body Possible offers reduced pricing for those who bring a buddy to their personal training session.

You or your buddy will not have to pay full price to any personal training session! Instead you get the accountability of a trainer as well as your buddy and you will pay a fraction of the price. Buddy training starts at 35$ each person for the hour. You will still receive personal attention and nutritional guidance. All of the benefits received with the personal training packages are included in all of the buddy packages. Get all the added benefits of personal training with a cheaper price by committing to bring a friend!