Palos Park / Heights Personal Trainer


We sometimes visit the gym and do the same type of old routine over and over again. If we continue with the same type of work, we get bored and we are not in a position to get the type of results we want.

There are some times where we visit the gym in Palos Park or Palos Heights but we are not aware of what to do or even how to do it. It is very embarrassing when you try to figure out how to do something and while you are trying to do it, you are not aware whether you are doing the right thing or not.

Under such occasions, you will need some guidance and this means that you have to consider a personal trainer.

Our Palos Park and Palos Heights personal training program will be of great beneficial to your daily workout routine. This is a program that will allow you to work closely with a personal trainer who will access your individual goals and assist you achieve them.

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Our trainer will assist you to set up a plan that will assist you achieve your dreams of having the type of body you need. You will be able to learn the useful techniques and the best ways to train your body so as to spend the least time and achieve the best results. Besides, our fitness experts will be accessing you on monthly basis and give you the progress.

The program mainly focuses on the individual and you will be able to receive the specific workout plans, the nutrition advices, fitness evaluation, goal planning and monthly progress checks.

Moreover, our personal trainer will be able to answer the questions you will ask and give you the best program to suit your interests and fitness goals. They will guide you to adhere to your program and achieve your goals.

In case you are tired, feel stuck, and you are not getting the results you want, then you should consider the services of our one on one trainer who will guide you towards achieving a successful body.

Our personal training sessions are offered by appointments only. Here are their packages:

Each individual session is offered at $50

There is a 10% off for a 30 day quick start. Therefore sign up for this category commitment and you will get a 10% off. This will include a free fitness evaluation, personal training once in a week, a fitness plan at home, accountability calls and two progress checks, and a free nutrition consultation.
For a 60 day package, there is a 15% off. Therefore sign up for this plan commitment and you will receive a reduction of 15% from your monthly price. This package includes once a week personal training, at home fitness plan, accountability checks and 4 progress checks, free nutrition consultation and a free fitness evaluation.

There is also a three months commitment package where you will get a reduction of 20% from your monthly price once you commit yourself to this package. It includes: personal training once a week, free nutrition consultation, six progress checks and some accountability calls, free fitness evaluation and at home fitness plan.

The free style packages:

15 sessions for a 10% off= you will pay $45 per session and you will save $75

30 sessions for a 15% reduction= you pay $42 per session and save $250

50 sessions offered at 20% reduction= you pay $40 per session and save $500
All the packages above will include free nutrition consultations, individualized fitness plan, monthly progress checks and a free fitness evaluation.

For the early risers, there is the early bird special. This includes a 15% reduction on every 5 sessions taken. This must be before 9.00 am.

There is the lunch time special. This is where you will come for workouts with us during the lunch time break. There is a 15 % reduction for every 5 sessions taken. This offer is valid between noon and 2 pm.

There is half an hour body blast. They are offered for just $25. You will bring a buddy for $10 more.

Group Training
If you are looking for a group motivation you are to sign up for the groups (under twenty people) for unlimited sessions per month at $40.

This is the program that fits those people who like working as a community or do not have much time for the individual training.

The main aim and focus of the group training is to generate a fun and fast niche for those people who are determined to have a perfect workout at the same time having fun. The workouts are based on the individual pace and the trainer will encourage each individual to do his/her best. The trainer will plan a 30 minutes session and come up with a correct form and tactics for each exercise.
Another benefit is that the people are less than 20 in each group and therefore you will have the time to interact with other people effectively and access the right form and tactics. You will therefore have the guidance of your trainer and encouragements from other members of your group. For those living in Worth, they can form their own training group.

Our group training program will give a chance to every individual to go at his/her pace since not all people are the same. You will be in a position to test and check your limits at the same time taking it at your own pace without any interference from anybody.

Palos Park Mission Body Possible will offer you first training session free. However it calls to schedule an appointment as the classes fill fast.

In case you are looking for other ladies for instance in Chicago Ridge like you looking forward to achieve results, then you will need a group training class and it will get you on the right path.

Bring A Buddy!

According to some research, when you are working with a partner, you will be in a position to get the best and longer lasting outcomes. So why should you not train with a buddy?
Palos Heights Mission Body Possible offers a reduced price package for those individuals who bring a buddy to their personal training session.

Both of you will not pay the full package for any of the personal training session. You will get the accountability of your trainer as well as for your buddy. You will therefore pay a fraction of the price. The buddy training starts at $30 for every person for the hour. You will still get the nutritional guidance as well as personal attention. All benefits that are received with the personal training packages are also present in the buddy packages. By committing to bring a friend, you will be able to get the added benefits of personal training with a reduced price.