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Sharon Lombardi- ACE certified personal trainer, Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Specialized experience training in weight-loss for women.

Sharon has always been passionate about fitness.
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When asked what got her into personal training Sharon shares her story here.

Personal training is not what I went to school for. I went to school to become a teacher, and I received my degree in Elementary Education.

After graduating college I looked for a teaching job while working other jobs. After three years of only getting subbing or coaching gigs I was frustrated. I even tried looking for teaching jobs overseas which also turned out to be unsuccessful. During this time I kept my mind occupied on goals I had control over accomplishing. I completed my first marathon and I even started taking Mixed Martial Arts classes.

I noticed that staying active wasn’t so easy for me, not because I didn’t want to, but because I kept having this lingering pain in my right knee. It was a dull an achy pain and after six months of going to physical therapy for it the pain did not go away.
Finally I went to get an MRI and they found a meniscus tear in my right knee. I decided after getting several opinions  to get knee surgery.

I could not do much during my recovery activity wise, but my twin sister was taking personal training classes at the local community college so I decided to read her books and take notes while icing my knee. After I completed reading her books I studied and took the ACE personal training test. I missed a passing grade by just one question!
So I studied for two more months and this time when I took the ACE exam I passed with flying colors. Since I did not have hands on or classroom experience I decided it was best to start training at a local gym first. After three months of being a trainer at a local gym I decided to take the risk and start my own personal training business. This is how Mission Body Possible started, on a small dream that turned into a reality. All I did was take the first step.

This is how I also hope to help my clients by just helping them to take that first step.
I always say that maybe you cannot do something today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it. It simply means that you have to keep working at it. Our dreams only become reality by our actions and that’s true with anything including your physical bodies.

Sandra Hubbard- Specialized experience training individuals with Autism, Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, ACE certified personal trainer
Sandra Hubbard graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education at Judson University. Since then she went on to further her skills and acquired a fitness trainer certification under the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Sandra has a passion for exercise and Sandra picloves to create programs that not only fit the individual’s needs and goals but are also fun. Adults and children alike will appreciate Sandra’s creative approach to exercise that challenges the idea that the cost of being healthy is to suffer boring exercise routines. She believes that exercise should not be a chore but be a part of life that everyone can look forward too everyday. Depending on your goals she can create personalized programs to help you challenge yourself to become a healthier and more fit individual. Whether you are an athlete trying to run faster and jump higher, a senior trying to improve your quality of living, or an individual who just wants to gain more confidence in order to participate in sports leagues, she can help to you to create the right program for you. Sandra enjoys working with all types of individuals. It does not matter if you are an athlete, senior, kid, mom, or an individual with special needs Sandra has a variety of experiences that her relate to all the individuals she comes in contact with. Her specialized experiences include working in a variety of settings for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For several years she has worked in a school for kids with Autism in a contained classroom setting. During those years her creativity in exercise thrived when she created modifications to exercises for those individuals who had difficulty with certain basic functional movements and also when she expanded exercises for individuals who excelled in sports-related skills far above their peers. It is through this experience she credits her ability to successfully adapt and expand exercises for any individual beginner or advanced. She has also worked at a fitness center that specializes in working with individuals who have special needs, that fitness center has created a nationally recognized fitness program that helps improve an individual’s gross and fine motor skills. Currently, she still works with individuals who have special needs helping them to improve their health and also using exercise as a catalyst to help those individuals become more confident in a social setting that requires athletic skills. Sandra is also an avid runner and enjoys challenging herself by participating in a variety of races. A competitive runner since childhood she believes that in order to effectively motivate and inspire the individuals she works with she must be able to relate to them in the joys and sorrows that come with challenging oneself to meet a new goal. Successes and setbacks are all part of the journey in accomplishing a goal one has for themselves; so she continually does her best to understand the people she works with by doing the best she can to put herself in their shoes. Her goals as a trainer are to inspire lifelong health and fitness. She wants her passion for health to transpire to those she works with and she strives to create effective programs for all those she works with that aren’t just successful but are also fun.