Do you want to workout, but are unable to travel to a gym?

Manhattan In-home-training

Our in-home- training program is offered to Manhattan residents who would like to workout, but cannot travel to a gym.

For the first time ever we will be offering our personal training program on the road.

This offers convenience and the privacy of being at home.

That way you won’t have to worry about travelling, and as soon as the workout is over you can get back to what you were doing!

Some of our most frequently asked questions about our in-home- training program are listed below:

Do I need to have a home gym in order for you to come to my house?

No, you do not need a home gym in order to have a trainer come to you. What you do need is a privateĀ  space free of clutter. I travel with equipment so you do not need to worry about that.

Where do you travel?

I travel within the Manhattan city limits. If you live in Manhattan and are under a 20 minute drive from me I will travel to you. If you live further logistics can be discussed.

What type of people use your in-home- training program?

Many different types of people will use my in-home-training program. Stay at home parents who have kids that they cannot bring to the gym will often use my services. Also busy professionals who work from home and don’t have time to travel to the gym and back.

How much do you charge?

Sessions start at $100 per session per hour. In-home-training sessions MUST be scheduled and paid for in advance. There is a 24 hour no refund cancellation policy. Because of the nature of this service it is extremely difficult to fill in a cancellation. This is why you must cancel a minimum of 24 hours before your session.

How do I start?

You can start by calling me to schedule an appointment. I will come directly to your home to look at the space we will be training in as well as have you sign waivers and liability forms. At this time we will also discuss your fitness goals. We will go through a mini demo workout and I will collect payment for the first two sessions. In-home-training sessions must always be paid for in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Author: Sharon Lombardi

Hi! My name is Sharon Lombardi, and I have been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2012, and the owner of Mission Body Possible since 2013. I have always been an active individual, participating in both high school and college athletics. Even as an adult I try my best to stay moving, and I always enjoy learning new things. What I enjoy most about being a personal trainer is that you get to help people in their first step to better themselves. You get the honor of accompanying them along a new journey in their lives. I share in the ups and downs, and in the end I get to participate in the success that my clients have in changing their lives for the better.