Bridal Training Packages

 Special Training Packages

Wedding Special This program is very special and we have several different services for our lovely brides to be.
We offer bride specific individual training as well as bride-to-be and groom-to-be  partner training. If the bride does not wish to train with her groom to be we also offer bride to be and bridesmaid training.
Finally we have a special group training package for a bride-to-be and her bridal party.

Bride-to- be individual training- This program really focuses on the bride and having her look the best on her wedding day.
The bride will work on an individual basis with a personal trainer that will map out a plan for her so that she will be able to look her best by her wedding day.

The bride and her trainer will determine her workout plan and nutritional guidelines according to her wedding day in order to ensure she will look her most stunning walking down the aisle.

The lovely bride will receive an individually developed workout plan, and nutrition consultation. The bride will also receive bi-weekly progress checks, and learn proper form for all of her workouts.

The trainer will also offer the bride advice on how to really target the areas she is most concerned about when wearing her once in a lifetime wedding dress. We want you to look the best in your dress and our trainers will help get you there by your wedding day. Prices start at $45 per session Call for more details on pricing

Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be training- What better way to grow closer together than by working out with your Groom-to-be?

This program offers a type of buddy training that will teach you how you and your man can train together. It doesn’t matter if you both have different levels of fitness, or different backgrounds in training.

The training we have is a fun way to grow your bond together and also a awesome way to get your blood pumping and ready so you both look stunning on your wedding day.

You will learn proper training techniques and form as well as ways to motivate each other to reach your goals. You will work along side a personal trainer that will determine a workout plan for the both of you so that your wedding day will be your most beautiful day.  In addition you will receive free bi-weekly progress checks and a free fitness evaluation. Pricing starts at $30 per session Call for more details on pricing.

Bride to be and Bridesmaid training- Maybe you don’t want to workout with your future husband but you want to workout with your best friend instead!

We offer another type of buddy training where our lovely bride gets to choose one of her bridesmaids to accompany her to get the best body possible. This program offers an individual fitness evaluation and nutrition consultation as well as individually developed workout plans. It is a fun and exciting way to get ready for your wedding because you will be learning along with your bridesmaid ways that you can work together to get the best body possible.

We will teach you how to properly spot, and train together. You will also receive some amazing tips on how to target the areas you want to look best on your special day. this is a great way to make sure you are the most beautiful you on your special day. Pricing starts at $30 per session. Call for  more details on pricing.

Bridal party group training- Led by one of our certified personal trainers this is a high intensity group class that
targets training specifically for the bridal party. This is a way to get your whole bridal party involved on looking fabulous on your special day.

This is a take it at your own pace class that uses the group environment to help push each individual person. This is a fun and great way to stay close and happy with your bridal party and to have a good time as well!

This high intensity 30 minute class targets the butt, arms, thighs and core. Make sure you bring a water bottle because you and your bridal party will be sweating.  This class offers free fitness evaluation and nutrition consultation. Pricing starts at $8 per session per person. Call for more details on pricing

Special Pricing for Brides to be! Packages start at 10% off regular package pricing.

Individual Training Sessions Start at $40 (10% off regular pricing)

Group Training sessions start at $8 per session (20% off regular group pricing!) and also offer an additional extra that is NOT included in any of our regular group training classes. Everyone will receive nutrition consultation and also receive progress checks ( $80 value)

**Call for more details on pricing for individual and group packaging. Make sure to mention you are a bride to be.**