Workout Videos

How to do a proper push-up- ( A few modifications to help you build your body up so that you can eventually do a full push-up!) Many of us think we will never be able to do a push-ups, but with a few steps you will be able to complete a full push-ups as long as you are persistent.



How to get a better butt ( Some squat variations to tone those glutes!)

Everyone these days wants a nicer backside. One of the best ways to get it is with a simple body weight workout called a squat. You will have stronger legs and a nicer behind once you learn to do this the proper way.


Proper Lunge form (Teach yourself to do a lunge without hurting your knees)- Lunges are a very difficult workout to do by yourself. It seems easy, but if you are even a little off on the form you can seriously hurt your knees. Learn how to do a lunge the correct way and become a pro.



Step by Step proper Burpee- A great full body workout that you can do anywhere. Works on both cardio and strength.



Great core exercises for flatter stomach!- We all want flatter stomachs. Here is how to get one without doing a single sit up.

Senior Exercises- Here are some exercises tested by my 81 year old grandma, Moving is very important as we age as it ensures the quality of life that we have! 🙂


Hip Strengthening exercises – Great exercises to keep the hips strong which in turn help keep you from getting knee injuries. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest point!


Hip Strength Part 2- Hip strengthening exercises you can do while watching T.V. Yes, there are a select few exercises you can achieve while watching T.V

5 minute Cardio Workout- A simple easy and unique cardio workout for those who have limited space and time 🙂

Ankle strengthening exercises- Fun exercises to keep your ankle in tip top shape!

A workout that looks easy but is actually quite hard. These core workouts are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and actually your WHOLE body working

Low Back- Since many of us work in the office, it is easy to get a weak lower back because of it. Here are some exercises to help strengthen and lengthen the lower back.